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It has many names.

Charlie Hooson-Sykes


We’re welcoming a new guest blogger to 4Manchester Women today.

Charlie Hooson-Sykes not only writes her own personal blog Gin Fuelled Bluestocking, she is also programme secretary for the newly formed Manchester WI.

Charlie is very crafty (and I say that in a good way) as she also runs their craft subgroup.

When it comes to craft – Charlie’s our gal!

Today she’s giving us a masterclass in the ins and outs (knit one pearl one) of yarnbombing! Although craft blogs fall within our Homey category – this is a seriously lively activity!


Over to you Charlie ……

Have you seen the trees covered in knitting/crochet in Chorlton and Didsbury? Bollards with coloured hats and the bike racks prettily covered in Urmston? Or the Big Knitted Art Project in Whitworth Park?





(please note these photos are stock photos of yarnbombing).


Graffiti with knitting and crochet is proving popular at the moment, partially thanks to the general resurgence in crafts, but also through the work of collectives like Knit the City; most recently seen in the BT Artbox Project.

Manchester is no different, aside from the smaller projects mentioned, there are one or two that will be coming to fruition over the next few months.

Kerry Howarth


Kerry Howarth is an artist working with Buddleia Arts to create a large yarnbomb as part of the Canal Festival 2012, taking place in Manchester from 18-26 August.

“Although I had previously incorporated threads into my work, I hadn’t created any street art until last year for Chorlton Arts Festival, when I bound a tree in thin strips of fabric.

“I found it exciting creating work that wasn’t intended for a white cube space, seeing reactions to the unexpected. And I enjoyed injecting colour into urban spaces.”

The yarnbomb will be on Brewer Street Bridge and involves tassels being attached to the Bridge, in a pattern inspired by traditional lace made by women working the waterways, the tassels reference those on the bonnets of horses working alongside the boats. Even the colours have significance – the blue and yellow representative of the livery of the Rochdale and Manchester Canals.


Tassels Brewer Street Bridge Manchester


Kerry has also created the Yarnbomb Consortium – bringing knitters and crocheters together to make a series of artworks.  Manchester is the site of the first project and Kerry is calling on crafters from across the world to donate squares to the Consortium for the installation.

“Next years yarnbomb will be installed in another city, in another country. I enjoy the fact Yarnbombing reinterprets traditonal craft methods previously used in the domain of the functional. I view all the squares that have been posted as individual as fingerprints, due to the tension of the stitches etc. Apart from the fact that I wanted people to post squares, I left it open to interpretation re size, colour, pattern, yarn choice. This adds to the work and adds interest to the yarnbomb as opposed to it being just one persons work.”

Every square has been labelled so that the donor can be credited on the final piece.


Knitted Squares


“The Facebook page is also integral to the project as I wanted to create a repository of images that I found inspiring and thought might inspire others too. Also a place where people from around the world could share photographs of the Yarnbombs they had created.”


Knitted Squares from Yarnbombing Consortium Manchester project


As mentioned above, the tassel artwork was installed on 19 August on Brewer Street Bridge and the Yarnbomb Consortium artwork is coming to a venue to be confirmed in October 2012.

Details on how to contrbute to the yarnbomb can be found via the facebook page: TheYarnbombingConsortium

Knitting needles out girls!


Charlie x 


Photographs: =mc2 photostream on Flickr, Wen Rou’s photostream on FlickrVitamin C9000’s photostream on FlickrYarnbombing Consortium, Charlie Hooson-Sykes

This is not a sponsored blog post.


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