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Learn from a Cantonese master


If like me you look at Dim Sum and think they’ve been crafted by magic – then here is an incredible opportunity to learn from Harry Yeung, known world wide as an authority.

Harry’s daughter Bonnie is joining us today to tell us all about the Yang Sing’s new cookery classes.


Over to you Bonnie ……

Bonnie Yeung


Yang Sing, well known as a restaurant and destination for events and private dining has just launched a monthly cookery class.

The cookery class provides students with a thorough grounding in the three disciplines of the Cantonese kitchen.

Students will have exclusive access to the Yang Sing kitchens.


And an opportunity to learn from our executive chef; and renowned food authority, Harry Yeung.

Harry Yeung is one of the only chefs in the UK who is skilled in all three disciplines of the Cantonese kitchen (dim sum, roasting and wok cooking) and has over 40 years of food and drink knowledge. The opportunity to learn from an expert master chef like Harry is an opportunity not to be missed.


Prawn dumplings and a vegetable dumpling topped with salmon roe


The theory and history aspect of Cantonese food equips our students to better understand Chinese food culture and enables them to be well informed and conversant when dining out in Chinese eateries all over the world.

The class concludes in a tasting session where students are able to try out the dishes they’ve prepared and a chance to quiz the team about their kitchen experiences and techniques.


Dim Sum Yang Sing


Have a look on the Yang Sing web site for further details about the cookery class and dates available.

In addition get in touch to find out more about alternative classes:

  • The food and wine pairing class,
  • The markets and buying class,
  • Chinatown food tour.

Also have a go at preparing the dishes on the Yang Sing recipe card and see if you’ve got the skills to recreate Yang Sing delicacies in your own kitchen.


Recipe Card Yang Sing

Happy cooking – we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our cookery classes at the Yang Sing.



Bonnie x

Yang Sing


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Tel: 0161 236 2200     Fax: 0161 236 5934

Email: marketing@yang-sing.com

Website: yang-sing.com/cookery-master-class

Facebook: facebook.com/Yang-Sing

Twitter: @yangsingmcr


Photographs: Yang Sing, McAvoy Photography

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