National Cupcake Week

Top Tips for baking the perfect cupcake


If we ever needed an excuse for eating cupcakes, this week is it!

That’s right, it’s National Cupcake Week and it brings with it a week-long celebration of all things cupcake.

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So yes ladies it is acceptable to eat a cupcake every day!

Celebrated between 16th – 22th September 2013, National Cupcake Week is an annual event which takes place to promote sales of the humble cupcake in shops and cafés alike, but most importantly to raise money for charity.

The partner charity this year is CLIC Sargent – a charity for the support of children and young people with cancer, and also their families.

Organisers of the event do encourage donations, whether it is generated from your own cake sale or simply from your own back pocket. Visit to find out more.




For me, most of the enjoyment of the cupcake comes from the making. Although the taste test is obviously great, there is no better feeling than making your own cupcakes. So we will be leaving you in the very capable hands of Alice from Alice’s Vintage Pantry this week. She will be treating us to a different cupcake recipe for every day of National Cupcake Week!


Over to you Alice ……

National Cupcake Week is here!

This week we will be celebrating cupcakes of every shape, size and flavour. From chocolate and chilli, to sticky toffee and a gluten free vanilla.

Follow our week of cupcakes to tempt your taste buds and pick up some recipe ideas to try at home.


What is a cupcake?


According to Wikipedia …..

“A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. As with larger cakes, icing and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, may be applied.”





So it’s a little cake designed for one. To me a cupcake is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it. Its big enough that you get the satisfaction of eating cake, but small enough that you can allow yourself more cake …… fantastic!

At Alice’s Vintage Pantry we are regularly asked to bake cupcakes – they make a great addition to a cake or pudding table, beautifully decorated they look pretty perfect on a tiered cake stand.

Follow our tips below and use the recipes we will be promoting each day this week to bake your own delightful little treats.


Alice's Vintage Pantry


Top tips for baking the perfect cupcakes


  • Buy decent cupcake cases, the cheaper ones will loose colour in the baking process and easily come away from the sponge.
  • Treat baking cupcakes like any other sponge cake – use all the basic rules (see our Baking the Perfect Sponge for some tips).
  • Fill your cases 2/3rds full to make sure they rise to the top of the case.
  • Try and get the same amount of mixture in each case, it will help ensure the cakes bake evenly. If you are struggling using a spoon try and ice-cream scoop.
  • Once you’ve filled your cases use a teaspoon to put a dip in the centre of each cake, it will help a level rise on the cakes.
  • First rule of baking is don’t open the oven door, but when it comes to cupcakes I break the rule. Open the door a couple of minutes before the timmer goes off (just for a second) to help a level rise.
  • Once baked, make sure you take the cupcakes out of the tray to cool. Cool completely before decorating.


Enjoy your cupcake week ladies …… use it as an excuse to treat yourself!

Look out for a recipe a day for the rest of National Cupcake Week!


Alice x


Photographs: Alice’s Vintage Pantry, National Cupcake Week.

Introduction written by Victoria Hepworth.


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