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Become a sewing Queen Bee!


With the arrival of the Great British Sewing Bee on our screens, it’s unsurprising that sewing is enjoying a bit of a revival – following in the footsteps of baking.


Fabric Brooch





But sewing can be a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before, particularly the idea of sewing your own clothes or home furnishings.

So we’ve enlisted the help of our regular crafting guest blogger Charlie.

We tasked her to come up with something simple to start, and this is what she came up with – inspired by a good friend, this tutorial uses a simple Suffolk puff to create a little pin brooch.



Over to you Charlie ……


You will need


Fabric – you can use anything you like. Denim and twill may be a little stiff for your needle, but are still useable in this project. If it’s your first project, scraps of cotton, polyester, viscose or polycotton would be ideal.

Buttons – the only requirement for your buttons are that they should match your fabric. I’ve used one larger and one smaller.

A suitable needle (it should fit through the holes on your button and comfortably through your fabric)

Thread (matching your fabric)

Card for your templates – I used an old cereal box

A marker pen (a felt tip is fine)

A safety pin or fastener for the back of your brooch


Create your templates


To create the templates I used a saucer (diameter of 20cm) and a tub from the kitchen (diameter of 10 cm). I drew around them onto the card and cut them out.

Your circles don’t have to be perfect and feel free to use anything you have to hand. A little smaller or larger is fine.  And of course, you can use these again.


Brooch tutorial 1



Trace and cut out the fabric


Using your template draw onto the wrong side of the fabric and cut out your circles. Please don’t worry about pen or felt tip marks. These will be hidden on the finished project.




Using your needle and thread, sew a running stitch around the outside of your circle. Again, this doesn’t have to be overly neat, but keep the stitch 2mm or so from the edge to avoid fraying of the fabric.


Brooch tutorial 2



Create the puff


Using the needle and the knotted end of the thread, pull the circle together, with the wrong side on the inside of the puff. Tie this off.





Do the same again for your second circle.


Suffolk Puff


You should now have two completed Suffolk puffs. These can be used for all sorts of things – decorating necklines, cushions, but for this, we’re going to turn them into a brooch.




If you haven’t already, select your buttons, and thread some more cotton onto your needle. Starting from the smooth side of your puff (this will be the back and where your fastener will go), sew the through the two puffs and button or buttons to fix it all together. Dependent on your fabric, this may be quite stiff, so take your time.


Suffolk Puff Brooch








Knot off your thread, but before you snip the end, find your safety pin or fastening for the back of your pin and sew this on too.

Knot off again and snip the thread.

Alternatively, use some felt and sew this to the back of the brooch for security.


Suffolk Puff Brooch tutorial








And there you have it. One brooch.

If you’re feeling daunted still, try with one puff and one button. It’s just as effective!


Suffolk Puff Brooch



Good luck!


Charlie x


Photographs: Charlie Hooson-Sykes

This is not a sponsored blog post


Charlie writes her own personal blog – Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking and is also programme secretary for the Manchester WI.


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  1. A lovely little tutorial and easy for a beginner to follow, I am so glad to see that sewing is now cool!! I have sewn for the best part of my life and have always loved it, I always knew I was a trend setter!!

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