Easy crochet cupcake pattern

Beginners cupcake tutorial


Our appetite for cupcakes reaches beyond the baked kind these days.

Our resident knitting guest blogger Esra (aka Knitella) has turned her hand this time to crochet, to cook up a lovely tutorial so that you can make your own cupcakes.

Whether it’s a child’s present, a handy pin cushion or something altogether more functional – this simple tutorial will get you on your way.


Crochet cupcake



Over to you Esra ……



Crochet is an amazing craft where ANY shape and design can come to life.

I didn’t warm to crochet immediately – it seemed to involve a lot of counting! Since I space out while I’m crafting I didn’t think it was for me.

However, after seeing all the gorgeous crochet flowers on crafty web site Etsy, I decided to give it a go and signed up for a short class at Salford Art Gallery.

Turns out I was missing a lot. With crochet you can literally do anything, and the best thing is the counting is not nearly as complicated as it looks.

Let me show you what you can do with just a chain, slip stitch and a double crochet. Just three things and you will be able to make loads of goodies. You don’t have to learn any fancy stitches – these three simple techniques are all you need to make a crochet cupcake.

Once you’ve mastered a simple cupcake you can then downsize to a cupcake brooch or  hairclip, or upsize to a cupcake hat or bag.


Crochet Pattern


Level: total beginner,

Supplies: Double Knit yarn (3 colors= base color, top color and the cherry color), crochet hook # 6, thread and a needles to sew the three parts together


  • Rnd: round
  • Slip Stitch: SS
  • DC: double crochet

The crochet language: (UK crochet)


Starting with the cake base:


Crochet cupcake pattern


  • Make a loop.
  • Rnd 1: Make  3 ch (CHAIN: to make a chain put the yarn over the hook then pull it down into the loop). Make a ring by putting the hook in the first loop (making a ring) and pull the yarn inside it.
  • Rnd2: 1 ch, and do 5 DC into the ring: (DOUBLE CROCHET:  to make a double crochet stitch, enter the hook into the ring and pull the thread from the bottom of the ring to the top, then you will have two loops on the hook. Put the yarn over the hook and pull it into both loops ).
  • Rnd 3 Make 1 ch and 2 DC into each stitch. When you reach the end do a slip stitch SS to close off the circle. (SLIP STITCH: you do a slip stitch by entering the hook into the last stitch and pull the yarn from under it to the loop on the hook).

Note: if you think you will get confused about the beginning and the ending of your circle, you can put a stitch marker or a piece of thread with another color in the beginning and just move it as you finish each Rnd.


Crochet cupcake pattern


  • Rnd 4-6: repeat the above step 2 times.
  • Rnd 7: We still need to get the base a little bigger so do 1 DC in one stitch, another 1 DC and then 2 DC (1 DC, 1 DC, 2DC).
  • Rnd 8: Now, it will start growing upwards. 1 chain and 1 DC in each stitch all around.
  • Rnd 9- 17: (repeat the above step to the desirable height of the cupcake) – approx 8 times. End it by tying the end of the thread or just hiding it within the inside stitches.
  • Flip it to the other side.
  • Stuff it and leave it to be sewn later.


Making the creamy pink top:

It’s another circle, but flatter than the above, and with ruffles.


Crochet cupcake pattern



  • Make a Loop.
  • Rnd 1: 3 Ch, make a ring.
  • Rnd 2: 1 Ch and 6 DC into the ring.
  • Rnd 3- 5: 1 Ch and 2 CS into each stitch.
  • Rnd 6-11: 1 Ch and 1 DC in each.


Ruffles at the end of the creamy top:

Skip 1 ( 1 DC, 1 ch , 1 DC, 1 ch, & 1 DC = all into the same one), then repeat till you go around the whole thing.


The cherry on the top:


Crochet cupcake pattern


  • Rnd 1: 3 Ch, and make a ring.
  • Rnd 2: 5 DC into the ring.
  • Rnd 3- 4: 1 Ch, & 2 DC in each.
  • Close off with doing a slip stitch across.
  • Sew to the top.


Use more stuffing and then sew the cake and top together with a simple stitch.


For a full slide show and enlarged images of all the above photographs click here.



More crochet cupcake ideas:



I hope this tutorial helps you on your way to making your own crochet cupcake. In the mean time, I’ll be working on more ideas to help you with your crafting.


Esra x


Photographs: Esra aka Knitella

This is not a sponsored blog post.


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  1. Thanks Esra, I love this. Time was when I used to knit and crochet loads, but I seem to have lost the knack. Perhaps now I’ll get it back!

    Reminds me of my childhood pastime of French knitting – you craftily wind wool around 4 nails in the top of a cotton reel to make a tube of wool. More exciting than it sounds! ;-)

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