Crochet Easter Chick

Easy beginners pattern and tutorial


Where would Easter be without a crochet Easter chick to add to the festivities?

I’m all for Spring chickens! So following on from our other crochet tutorials (cupcake, Halloween pumpkin and Frosty the Snowman), our resident crochet and knitting blogger Esra from Salford has this time turned her attentions to Charlie Chicken.


Chochet Easter Chicken


Over to you Esra ……



It is finally Easter time.

I have been waiting for this break since Christmas!

This time I have a little Easter chick pattern for you try. You can use the finished chick to decorate the house for an Easter bash, or add it to gift baskets to add a lovely personal touch. Enjoy!


Crochet Pattern


Level: Beginners

Supplies: All you need is: Crochet hook size 6, three colours of DK yarn (yellow, orange & pink), scissors, a needle and a thread, and some stuffing.


  • Rnd: Round
  • Ch: Chain
  • SS: Slip stitch
  • DC: Double crochet

The crochet language: (UK crochet)


Techniques you need to know

(CHAIN: to make a chain put the yarn over the hook then pull it down into the loop)

(SLIP STITCH: you do a slip stitch by entering the hook into the last stitch and pulling the yarn from under it to the loop on the hook)

(DOUBLE CROCHET:  to make a double crochet stitch, enter the hook into the ring and pull the thread from the bottom of the ring to the top, then you will have two loops on the hook. Put the yarn over the hook and pull it into both loops).


Let’s start with the chick’s body (yellow yarn):


Easter chick crochet pattern


  • Rnd1: Ch 3, ss from the loop in the hook to the first loop in the ch to form a ring
  • Rnd 2: Ch 1, 2 dc in each stitch,  to close the circle
  • Rnd 3: Ch 1, 2 dc in each stitch, ss to close the circle
  • Rnd 4: Ch 1, 1 dc, 1 dc, then 2 dc (do two normal dc in each stitch then 2 dc in the third one to make the circle bigger) ss to close the circle
  • Rnd 5: Ch 1, dc each. In this step, the circle stars to curve up


Easter chick crochet pattern


  • Rnd 5-12: Ch1, dc each ss
  • Rnd 13: In this step we start decreasing to close up the circle: Ch 1, do dc in one stitch then skip a stitch. In other words you will crochet one stitch then jump over one to do another and so on.


Easter chick crochet pattern


  • After this fill the shape you made with the stuffing.
  • Rnd 14: Continue decreasing till u close it.


The chick’s feet (orange yarn):


Rnd 1: Ch 8

Rnd 2-4: Dc in each (to form a little rectangle)


Easter chick crochet pattern


Then tie a thread in the middle to make a little bow shape. Then sew it to the the body as shown in the pictures.

From the same yarn, you could do the peak with the thread.


Easter chick crochet pattern


Easter chick crochet pattern


The chick’s bow (pink yarn):


To make the chick a girl you could add a little pink bow on the top of her head!

To make the bow just do ch 6 and dc in each. Repeat the dc one more time. Tie a thread in the middle. Then sew it by the needle.


Chochet Easter Chicken


This pattern is for personal use only, and not to be used (including the product) for sale.


Happy Easter!


Esra x


You can find Esra at

Photographs: Esra

This is not a sponsored blog post.


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