The new Evian babies

Dancing babies and a celebrity baby quiz


Remember the roller skating Evian Babies? It was a massive Internet sensation with 63 million You Tube hits and counting!

Well today the new Evian Babies video went live – and we were lucky enough to get advanced notice (don’t ask me how I managed to do it – let’s just say I used my powers of persuasion!).

This time the video is based around dancing babies – a reflection of the baby we once were.

All of which got me thinking. This is me at around 18 months old. Altogether now …Ahhhhh!




I’ve still got those shoes!


So continuing the theme, let’s test your powers – pub quiz stylee – and see if you can work out who these celebrity babies and children are (answers at the bottom).


Celebrities as children


How did you get on?

More babies? Here you go then – hot off the press and getting funky with the dancing Evian Babies.



Groovy Baby!


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women)


Photographs: Alison Staples, Celebrities as Babies on Pinterest.

This blog post is sponsored by Evian.

Answers: Beyonce, Boy George, Bruno Mars, Catherine Zeta Jones, Cindy Crawford, Daniel Craig, Daniel Day-Lewis, David Bowie, Jay-Z, Keira Knightly, Lance Armstrong, Matt Damon, Pink, Pope Benedict XVI, Scarlett Johansson, Orlando Bloom









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