Teenage crush

I’m afraid there is only one thing I can write about today – 26th April 1960 – Happy Birthday Roger Taylor!


It’s a fact of life that growing up – teenage girls fall will in love with rock / pop stars. For some it was Take That, for others The Back Street Boys. For me it was Roger Taylor, the drummer from Duran Duran.


Roger Taylor Duran Duran - Head shot


It’s a love that’s evolved over the years, from a pure true passion that meant I quite literally couldn’t breath when he appeared on TV – to a nostalgic glow, for a time that seemed so complicated, but really was so simple.

I’ve never forgotten my first great love, and when Duran Duran come to play Manchester, I’m there, singing along at the top of my lungs to all the old favourites. I blogged about their last concert on my personal blog (you can read it here) and was delighted to get an anonymous comment, which I can only imagine came from one of the band themselves (I posted the link on Roger’s Facebook Page).

Great blog, Alison! You have just the right amount of spunk and flair to convey the Duran2 concert experience in a nutshell. You ROCK!


Yes I do! Occasionally!

So please indulge me when I say Happy Birthday Roger – always and forever!



So tell me – who was your teenage crush? And do you still remember their birthday?


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor and Duranie)


Photograph: From my original Duran Duran scrap book!

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2 thoughts on “Teenage crush

  1. He was my crush too – along with a few others like Limahl, Holly Johnson and some that shall remain nameless, but I never forget 26 April either! When I was at my peak of fanaticism (1984), DD appeared on TOTP singing The Reflex on Roger’s actual 24th birthday, and it was the highlight of my week! Happy Birthday Roger!! xxx

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