Hello, I’m Alison, your Editor

4Manchester Women was my idea – I thought it up, I developed it and now I’m the Editor. Well what do you know!


Alison Staples head shot.


‘Talking Rhubarb’ is my editorial category, where I can waffle on about pretty much what ever I like (as long as it doesn’t involved solicitors).

I got the idea from an overheard conversation on the metro, just as I was waiting to get off at St Peter’s Square.


Two women could be heard complaining about a colleague who apparently had a degree in ‘talking rhubarb’. While I can’t claim to have one of those, I have been a Womble, which I think top trumps practically everything.

All this writing lark started out innocently enough as my personal Blog – My Wonderful Life which I started writing in July 2011. Having just come through a gigantic battle with cancer (a rare type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) I wanted to archive all my stories and then having done that, document the things I’d done with the extra time I’d been given. I wanted to show that it wasn’t all for nothing and that I wasn’t just p*ssing it up the wall.

Alison sitting at a pavement cafe in Paris hiding behind a map.Alison in a blue canoe with a pint of beer.









I didn’t know whether anyone would be interested in reading my tales, but it turned out that they were and over time the idea of 4Manchester Women began to grow.

Prior to that, I’ve had a 15 year career in professional fundraising, working for Keep Britain Tidy (hence being a Womble), The National Library for the Blind and The Christie charity. I’ve got a degree Zoology and PhD in abnormal bird sperm, I’ve travelled the world by myself, armed solely with a dysfunctional hot brush and I’ve got a lovely husband called Tris and a cat called Charley Bucket.

Now that my hair has grown back and I’ve been disease free for two years – in the words of Frank Sinatra / Micky Bubbles “The best is yet to come”.

I’m really proud of 4Manchester Women – just as I’m proud of Manchester Women full stop! The men aren’t that bad either!

The web site has a snappy list of core values (see Become a Guest Blogger) which are very important to me and to the integrity of the web site. If it looks like I’m riding roughshod over them, then tell me.

So that’s it – that’s me (talking rhubarb as usual), and that’s 4Manchester Women. Enjoy and get involved.


Alison x (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Hotty: 25%, (God) Mummy: 10%, Homey: 25%, Lively: 40%

Photographs: Jon Roach @ FourT4 & Tristan Pocock



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