Review – Triumph Magic Wire Bra

Comfortable, supportive, pretty and with added benefits for breast cancer patients


I don’t generally do product reviews. However as someone who has never been properly measured for a bra, the lure of a comfortably fitting bra without an annoying wire spiking me in the ribs / arm pit, was like dangling lingerie nirvana in front of me


Magic Wire Bra


Triumph Magic Wire Bra


According to Jenny who fitted me in the lingerie department of House of Fraser (Deansgate), the Magic Wire is the most innovative thing to hit bras in a very long time.

Put simply, the often offending under wire has been replaced with a clever piece of silicone. Coupled with a side support it provides the lift of an under wire bra with the comfort of a wire free bra.


Triumph Magic Bra

(Clearly this is me in the picture …….. I wish!)


Solving one of life’s little niggles




Comfortable support for breast cancer patients


My conversation with Jenny also revealed just how appropriate the Magic Wire Bra is for those who have undergone breast cancer surgery. There are no wires digging into reconstruction scars and the padding evens out any non-uniformity.



Very, very pretty


Triumph Magic Wire Bra

A comfortable bra which is feminine and pretty means that Triumph Magic Wire bras have been flying off the shelves.

These glamorous designs come in at £36.00 for the bra and, £22.00 – £35.00 for the matching knickers.

Those with bigger breasts can also experience the no-wire feeling, as they are available in sizes A-F.

Oh and for the record – it turns out I’m actually an E-cup, rather than a D.

Who knew!


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: Triumph








Review of 2013

Looking back at the year just gone & looking forward to 2014


It’s easy to sit here and think that I didn’t do much in 2013! This is why taking time to look back and reflect on the year just past is so important.


Looking in rear view mirror


I’ve always said that 4Manchester Women is a joint effort. I might sit in the middle of it all, but I couldn’t do it without my advertisers, regular guest writers and of course you wonderful readers.

Thank you!


How far we’ve come


Reader numbers: By the end of December 2012 our readership had grown from zero to 6,500 unique visitors per month. By the end of December 2013 I’m delighted to say that we’ve reached 9,000 with 70% of you coming from Manchester and the North West.

Social media reach: Both Facebook and Twitter have grown very organically over the last 12 months with an increase of 148% and 123% to 1,150 (Facebook) and 3,080 (Twitter) users respectively.

Working with businesses: We worked with 130 businesses in 2013 (compared with 40 in 2012), most of whom were small, local independents. One of the things I always wanted to do with 4Manchester Women was to give a shop window to our unique, local small businesses. I’m enormously proud of the range and talent we’ve been able to work with. And their support in turn has funded 4Manchester Women.

Growing the team: We’ve been lucky to work with 17 regular guest writers who have covered a myriad of topics and introduced some great regular features.

Guest bloggers Charlie and Keeley made their TV debuts on Ruth Watson Means Business, with an undercover boob cam, and we were thrilled when our #MCRCocktailGirl Keeley was also invited to be a judge at Cocktails in the City.

2013 also saw us really begin to improve the quality of our images by working with some super talented professional photographers. I’d like to give a particular shout out to Jenny McAvoy (McAvoy Photography) who has provided us with some stunning shots for restaurant and cocktail reviews and events throughout the year.


Pink Frozen cocktail



Three particularly important ladies


This year we also started working with the lovely Rachael Adams (The Social Butterfly) on our events programme.


Rachael Adams Tim-Simpson-Photography-181


We were joined in the autumn by Cat Dodsworth to help develop our What’s On Calendar.


Cat & Sam


And Victoria Hepworth (a journalism student from UCLAN) became our roving reporter when she joined us at the end of the year as an intern. She was sent off to interview people, review exhibitions and events, research useful ‘top 10′s’ and even went up the Manchester Town Hall clock tower! She took it all in her stride and has been a real pleasure to work with. She’s kept me on my toes, that’s for sure.


Victoria Hepworth



The Year Started


2013 started in Zambia of all places! Although we are 4Manchester Women, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like to travel! We beat Comic Relief’s trip down the Zambezi by about two weeks.


Canoeing the Zambezi


Microlight over Victoria Falls


The Zambia Diaries – Episode 1

The Zambia Diaries – Episode 2

The Zambia Diaries – Episode 3

The Zambia Diaries – Episode 4



The year ended


Finding myself stuck in the middle of a French farce with oysters and tongue! As an oyster virgin I’m not sure I’m convinced – but I am convinced that life should be filled with new experiences, so that’s another one to tick off the list!





The bit in between


It’s been such a joy to look back at all the events we’ve covered, the difficult topics we’ve highlighted, the charities we’ve supported and fun and silliness we’ve had.

4Manchester Women was conceived because we felt it was really hard for busy Manchester women to keep up to date with what was happening both in our city and wider lifestyle issues. And that what was missing was a simple daily online three minute hit, pushed out through social media which would either entertain, give readers something practical and useful or inform them about what was happening locally.

Put simply, that we’d be by real Manchester women, for real Manchester women.


Some of our favourite moments in 2013


There were many, many amazing moments in 2013 – too many to mention really, and we met and interviewed some inspiring and fantastic people.

Here are a few of my favourites to give you a flavour.







Tackling difficult subjects


We aimed to tackle some of the difficult subjects we thought you might be facing.


Mother & Baby


In 2013 we added some fantastic articles to our growing archive from knowledgeable Manchester experts and real life experiences, including:




Developing our events programme


2013 saw us push ahead with our events programme, working with a whole host of super talented Manchester independents. Our aim was to provide beautiful quality events in great venues – and where possible we provided a kids club so parents could have time to browse at their leisure without being pestered!


An Oasis in the City


You can read all about our events here – An Oasis in the City (Spring and Summer) and Crackers About Christmas (A British Christmas Market).



Supporting Charities and good causes


We’ve always been very keen to support charities and causes which we felt to be important, wherever possible. In the last year in one way or another we’ve supported:

  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (supported through our events)
  • Quarry Bank Mill
  • International Women’s Day
  • PEPAids
  • Royal Northern College of Music
  • Real Nappy Week
  • London Road Fire Station
  • Chorlton Arts Festival
  • Live Below the Line
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Race for Life

However, I think the most humbling moment of 2013 was when we were the first to get an on-line petition live – supporting The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) when it came under threat of closure.




Within minutes our petition went viral across social media, reaching nearly 5,000 signatures and 12,000 page views in just a couple of days.

I’m sure that we played a vital role in convincing The Manchester Evening News to pick up the baton and launch their own campaign, resulting in MOSI being protected for future generations.

Generally we’re quite a happy, fun loving, cup-half-full bunch here at 4Manchester Women. However, the response to our petition sent out a fantastic message – mess with Manchester women at your peril!



Looking forward to 2014


In short I’m looking forward to more of the same – but bigger and better.

There are exciting plans afoot for more events, partnerships and regular features. But mainly we’ll be trying our best to preempt what we think you’ll need before you need it!


I’ve loved reflecting on the last 12 months. Seems like we did quite a lot after all. Manchester Women – you rock! And when you rock, you inspire us to rock too!


Happy New Year – I wish you wonderful things for 2014.


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: Alison Staples, McAvoy Photography, Tim Simpson Photography, Cat Dodsworth, Victoria Hepworth, picture-it-big, credits can be found for images in the slide show in the links to the appropriate blogs below.













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