How to Make Tissue Pom Poms

Easy, pretty paper pom poms to brighten up any room


I’ve seen many beautiful home and bridal photo shoots prettily decorated by cute and colourful pom poms, so with Mother’s Day just around the corner and Spring in the air, I’ve asked our regular craft blogger Hannah from My Craftea Day to put together a tutorial for us so we can all go pom pom crazy!


Over to you Hannah ……

Hannah Wells


I love that pretty pastels are so on trend this Spring / Summer, so much so that I have decorated my own craft room and the studio at the Craftelicious Craft Café with lots of pastel tissue paper pom poms!

They are so easy to make and are perfect for adding a bit of drama or prettiness to any space.



Hang them in your windows, from your ceilings or in front of a mirror.


Craftelicious Craft Studio



You will need


  • Tissue paper – each pom pom requires at least 10-12 layers.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread (you can use coloured thread or invisible thread if you don’t want it to be seen when hung).



Pom pom tutorial


2. Unfold the paper from the pack. Most packs have 5 or 6 sheets in them.

3. Cut the all sheets of paper in half in one go.

4. Place all the layers of paper on top of each other. Fold over about an inch of all of the the paper layers (along the shortest cut edge)

5. Turn the papers over holding onto the turned edge and turn the edge back on itself about an inch again. You are creating a concertina.

6. Continue to concertina the paper until it is all folded.

7 & 8. Take a long piece of thread. Wrap it around the centre of your concertina’d paper and tie it in a knot (you may want to repeat this a few times to ensure it is securely tied around as this is what holds the pom pom together and what you hang it with).

9 & 10. Cut a curve at both ends of the concertina through all the layers.



Pom pom tuturial


You could also cut your edges into a more pointy curve to give a different shape to your pom pom (see image 16.)

11. Carefully start to peel the layers away from themselves towards the thread at the centre of the concertina.

12 & 13. You’ll need to peel half of the layers one way then turn it all over and peel back the other half of the layers towards the centre on the other side.

14. Repeat this with the concertina’d layers on the opposite side until you create a round shape.

15. Carefully fluff up your pom pom

16 & 17. Have a go at making lots of different coloured pom poms! You could also make different sizes by not cutting the paper in half at the beginning but still remember that you need 10-12 sheets to make a good fluffy pom pom!

18. Add some fun and springtime colour to your interiors!



4MCRWomen's Pom Poms album on Photobucket



Enjoy your pom poms!


Hannah x


Photographs: Hannah Wells

You can find Hannah at

Why not pop along to Craftelicious in Chorlton on a Thursday evening and join Hannah at her weekly sewing bee. Details can be found here.



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Handmade Valentine Cards

Express your love by getting crafty


Let’s face it, anyone can go into a shop and buy a Valentine card. But a handmade card which you’ve spent time and thought on is priceless.

We asked crafting queen Hannah from My Craftea Day to come up with an easy tutorial for us ……. but that wasn’t a tough enough assignment for her, so she came up with two!


Handmade Valentine Cards



Over to you Hannah ……

Hannah Wells


If you’re anything like me it’s sometimes hard to find that perfect ‘off the shelf’ card that says exactly how you feel about your Valentine.

In fact I find that some of them say too much or just things that I don’t relate to!

Nothing shows how much you love someone like putting time and effort into making them a handmade gift or card.


Sewn Hearts Card – What I Used



handmade card equipment


  • Sewing machine and thread or needle and thread
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Blue tack
  • Blank card and envelope
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pins (optional)
  • Fabrics – I used felt and a mixture of printed cottons. Felt is great as it doesn’t fray but printed cottons are good for adding interest and more detail to your design and look more delicate.
  • Masking tape or washi tape (optional)



Handmade Heart Card 1


On a piece of paper draw one side of a heart shape.

Fold the paper at the points where your pencil lines end.

Cut through the folded paper along your drawn line this makes sure that your heart shape is even on both sides.

To make a card with one heart – either pin the heart template in place on your fabric or draw a line around the template and cut around it.


Making a Handmade Heart Card


Open your card and remember that you will be working on the right hand side of the fold. With a pencil and ruler mark halfway between the fold line and the right hand edge of the card at both the top and bottom of card. You can rub this out later


How to make Handmade Heart Card


Place your fabric heart onto the card and with the ruler line up the centre dip and bottom point of the heart with your pencil marks.

Put a very small piece of clean blue tack behind each side of the heart to secure it in place whilst you sew. This can be removed later.

If you are using a sewing machine to sew your heart down, line the needle up with the pencil mark. Put the foot down and then stick a strip of masking or washi tape onto the sewing machine bed lined up with the right hand edge of the card. This gives you a guideline to follow so that you sew in straight line!

You can set your stitch length to whatever length you like but practice on a piece of card first! I used length 4. Start sewing off the top edge of the card all the way through to the bottom. Snip your ends of thread.

If you are hand sewing just simply try and sew in a straight line!


How to make Handmade Heart Card


Remove the blue tack and fold over the heart side to make the loose edges stand away from the card to give a 3D effect.


Handmade Valentine Card


Add your valentines message inside!


Making Handmade Valentine Card


Try different design combinations and use different fabrics to create a more interesting design.

Just make sure when you are sewing one heart that you move any others out of the way to avoid stitching them down by mistake!


Handmade Valentine Card



Thumb Print Heart Card – What I Used


To make the most unique and one of a kind valentines card that’s also easy and quick you will need:

  • Your thumb or finger!
  • Red ink pad
  • A blank card and envelope
  • A piece of paper to practice on


This card can never be replicated by anyone else as it uses your finger prints! If you are making an anonymous card though be prepared that the receiver may be able to track you down (the ink stained thumbs could be a give away!) so make sure you are sending it to someone you truly love!!

You might want to practice the instructions below onto a piece of paper first and when you feel you’ve perfected the technique move onto the final card.


Thumb print heart card



Press your thumb or finger into the ink pad.

Remember to work on the card with the fold line to the left and the opening edge on the right. In a slightly off centre position on the card and with your thumb facing away from you press down in a diagonal direction towards the fold line top left corner. (you could always use a ruler and pencil to mark the exact centre point before you start or just do it by eye).

Twist the card upside down so that the fold is on your right and the open edge is on your left. Reload your thumb with ink. With your thumb pointing back towards you, press it down  onto the card diagonally towards the open edge bottom corner, slightly crossing over the first print.


Handmade thumb print Valentine Card


You should have created a heart! Again you can try different designs with lots of hearts all over the card or even put some on the envelope! Or try with your other fingers to get different sized hearts.

Write your valentines message inside and S.W.A.L.K!

Don’t forget, if there’s no one you want to send a card to this year you could always make them for yourself as they are just quite pretty to look at anyway!




Hannah x


Photographs: Hannah Wells

You can find Hannah at



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How to – padded Valentine heart

How to make a gorgeous decorative hanging heart


It’s a long, long time since I did any sewing. I used to love making things when I was little – but somehow this creative part of me went into hibernation and never really woke up again.

So when I learned about My Craftea Day’s Sewing Bee at Craftelicious in Chorlton, I decided to give it a whirl to see if I could remember one end of a needle from another.


Craftelicious Chorlton


Other members of our group were already working on their own projects, so I had a crack at one of Hannah’s (from My Craftea Day) sewing kits. A decorative padded hanging heart seemed like a good choice with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.


Valentine padded heart


The kit came with the fabric already cut into a heart shape. But you could always sketch the shape out on a piece of paper beforehand to use as a template, pin it to your fabric and cut round.


  • Pin the two pieces of fabric together with the two right sides on the inside – making sure that your looped ribbon is sandwiched in between with the ends poking out of the top of your heart.
  • Sew the two pieces together either using a sewing machine or by hand using a back stitch.
  • Don’t sew all the way round – leave a gap so that you can turn your heart right side out and stuff it.
  • Taking care not to cut through your stitches, make small slits from the edge of fabric so that it sits smoothly when you turn it inside out. Don’t make cuts in the fabric where you’ve left the gap.
  • Carefully turn your heart inside out (trying not to sound like a Spandau Ballet single).
  • Fill your heart full of wadding and carefully fold the edges of fabric in the gap inside and stitch up the hole.

It was at this point that I realised that instead of starting on page 1 of my instructions, I’d started on page 2, so none of my embellishment had been sewn on the front of the heart with the ends neatly tucked inside the seams.

After pronouncing myself a stupid c*ck – I sewed all the lace and ribbon together and with a simple running stitch along the top where the thread was pulled tight, made a pretty little corsage. The finishing touch was a cute little button. Disaster averted!


Making a corsage

Lace & ribbon corsage


Decorative padded padded heart for Valentine's Day


Decorative padded padded heart for Valentine's Day


Two hours absolutely flew by. I’d forgotten how much I love to sew and was delighted to see that I’d not lost my nimble needle skills.

A Sewing Bee is a great way to get back into the swing of things – the company was great, there was ample space to spread out (one member of the group was working on a pair of curtains), Hannah was on hand to help with any tricky bits and there was tea and cake. But most of all there was calm which allowed you to focus on the job in hand and switch off from the distractions of everyday life.


My Craftea Day Sewing Bee’s are every Thursday (6.30pm – 8.30pm) at Craftelicious, 127 Oswald Rd Chorlton M21 9GE. There is a £5.00 charge to cover the hire of the room.

For more information contact Hannah


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: Alison Staples









Festive brown paper wrapping

Have yourself a thrifty little Christmas with this homemade pretty rustic wrapping paper ‘How-To’


Ever received a beautifully wrapped gift and then handed yours over wincing while mumbling that your neighbour’s two year old insisted on helping you wrap it?

Gift wrap envy? Just how do you pull off the perfectly wrapped present this Christmas?

Hannah Wells


We asked craft expert and new guest blogger Hannah Wells from My Craftea Day to come up with some pretty but thrifty ways to wrap your gifts.


Over to you Hannah ……

There are some gorgeous wrapping papers out there this year but I’m going to show you how to transform brown paper into festive, pretty and unique wrappings.


Its a chance to create ‘one off’ designs and will show that you have put as much care into wrapping their present as you did choosing their gift!


What I used


Making festive brown paper


  • Brown paper
  • Luggage tags and blank heart shaped brown card tags
  • Various festive rubber stamps (or potato and knife if creating own stamp!)
  • Ink stamp pad in red
  • Glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Stripy string
  • Brown parcel string
  • Doilies (mini ones for smaller gifts, larger ones for bigger gifts!)
  • Bells
  • Washi tapes
  • Clear sticky tape
  • Metallic sparkly ribbon
  • Iron
  • Weights to help when wrapping (I used a candle and some paint bottles!)



Making festive brown paper


Unwrap and roll out your brown paper. You can either cut it to the size of the gift you are wrapping or work on a longer length of paper and cut later.

Iron the paper flat to make it easier to work with.



Making festive brown paper


Lay the paper flat on a table and weight it down at the corners



Making festive brown paper


Using a rubber stamp and ink pad press the stamp into the ink and onto the paper in a random format – if your present is small stamp your design closer together on the paper so you get to see more of it when wrapped.

Don’t forget to keep loading the stamp with ink either every time you stamp or every other – if you want a faded look then don’t reapply as often!


Making festive brown paper


You could cut your own pattern into a potato for a truly original design and then use either the ink stamp or paints to stamp your design.


Ink should dry quite quickly, paint will take longer.


Making festive brown paper


You could also use wooden shapes to create a pattern. I bought these in a pack from hobby craft that I’ve used to make decorations with!

I had a few left over so tried them using glitter glue instead of ink.  Put a thin layer on using a spatula and press onto the paper.  I left mine over night to dry but it probably only needs half an hour.




It’s a great way to create a sparkly more glamorous look to your brown paper!


Making festive brown paper


You could even wrap the present first and then using your finger dot little circles of the glitter glue over the parcel-be careful not to smudge!

Play around, have fun and be creative creating different print layouts on each piece of paper you have cut!

I used snowflakes, gingerbread men and star shaped stamps but you can buy so many different designs of stamps, get them custom made or make your own using the potato method!


Making festive brown paper


To continue the glamour theme stamp a brown parcel luggage label with the glitter glue


Making festive brown paper


Tie your parcel with a glittery metallic ribbon in the traditional tying technique and knot in the centre of the front of the present.


Making festive brown paper


Thread one the ribbon ends through the hole of the label.


Making festive brown paper


Tie in a bow!


Making festive brown paper


Snip the ends of the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying.



Adding the extra little details


This year I’m decorating our house and tree in a scandi / nordic / handcrafted theme so I will be definitely making more of the hand stamped snow flakes and ginger bread men papers and won’t use so much sparkle.

To make the parcels look more interesting though I have being playing around with different decorations such as stripy strings, bells, heart shaped tags and doilies!

I absolutely love doilies! They add a vintage feel but also look like big snowflakes! Heres how to incorporate extra little details into your present wrapping.


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Wrap your present with one of your stamped papers.

Place a small doily over one edge of your parcel and hold in place – you could put a small piece of scotch tape over the edges to secure if you find it too fiddly to keep in place.


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Tie your parcel with brown parcel string in the traditional tying technique and knot in the centre of the front of the present.


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Stamp a tag with the same stamp you used on the paper – I’ve used a brown card heart tag here.


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Thread one of the string ends through the hole of the tag


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Thread a bell onto the string end. I bought these bells on eBay.


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Tie the string ends into a bow and snip any excess string from the ends


Scandi Christmas wrapping


For this ginger bread man stamped paper I used red and white stripey string which I bought in hobby craft (you can probably tell by now I spend a lot of time and money in there!)

I stamped the luggage tag and threaded it and tied a bow as before. I think this looks really cute and nice for children’s gifts!



Washi tape


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Finally washi tape!!

This is my favourite sticky tape of all time. You can buy so many gorgeous designs that can make any parcels and envelopes look more exciting. I’ve even upcycled tinned cans with it to use as desk tidies but thats for another ‘How-to’!

Here I wrapped my parcel in plain brown paper.

I used three different designs of washi tape in matching colours. Just place the end of the washi at the starting point and guide it round where you want to stick it – it was fairly easy on this cylindrical pressie!

You can measure the distances from each end of the present to get it looking even or just wing it and see what design you can create if you don’t!


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Use it on your tags too!


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Use a little washi tape to secure either end of the parcel.

I stuck two pieces overlapping in a cross on here. I’ve tied this parcel with the stripy string again to keep the colours to a minimum as there is quite a lot going on!

Thread your tag onto the string and tie in a bow as the method before.


Scandi Christmas wrapping


Et Voila!

Lots of pretty and interesting ways to wrap with brown parcel paper – I would love to be able to say that that’s all my wrapping done for this year but I’ve not even finished buying all my gifts yet!!



Have a crafty Christmas!


Hannah x


Photographs: Hannah Wells

You can find Hannah at














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