Pottery Corner

Pots, paints and children in Chorlton.


When I was looking for help to stage our ‘Mummy’ photo shoot (the picture above in the header) I went straight to Pottery Corner, on Beech Road in Chorlton, who kindly lent us their brushes, paints and pots.


Pottery corner, Beech Road Chorlton, shop front


The original plan was to have the shoot in their shop, but we were glamorously top trumped by Sky TV (I didn’t know toddler painting was a competitive sport!), so ended up taking the photographs in my dining room. Either way, we were very grateful for their help – a lovely little space on one of my favourite roads in Manchester.


Wall display of childs handprints in clay, Pottery Corner, Chorlton


Today our guest blogger is head ‘paint poncho’ at Pottery Corner, Melony.


Melony is kindly offering a 10% discount off your total bill if you mention 4 Manchester Women!


So over to you Melony ……

I took over Pottery Corner from it’s previous owner in 2009. Since then I’ve been putting my time and attention (despite being a bit short in the time department) into helping it to thrive.

The timing probably wasn’t ideal, being a month before the birth of baby number 2, but it obviously didn’t put me off – number 3 arrived a couple of months ago!



Before taking over at Pottery Corner, I served my time working for a financial blue chip – a role which didn’t work well with wanting to spend time with the kids during the week (or at the weekend for that matter). Owning the studio means I can use my arts background and have an interest of my own whilst still caring full time for my little nippers.

You will find Pottery Corner on Beech Road in Chorlton. Beech Road is a real haven in a busy city and is lovely to meander down. It has loads of great independent shops for gifts and clothes as well as cafes serving tasty food and, of course, my studio. At Pottery Corner people of all ages can paint their own ceramics in the design of their choice creating fantastic keepsakes or gifts.

For our younger customers we can lend a helping hand, doing handprints or footprints on – well anything you like really whether that be a mug, a bowl, a plate or whatever else tickles your fancy. It’s also a handy meeting place for fellow new mums to have a natter over a cuppa while creating a personal masterpiece. For slightly older kids, it’s a great venue for parties and we’re happy for you to bring along party food or a cake, we’ll even decorate for you if you fancy it.


Painted tea potStacks of painted mugs


Alternatively you can come along without any kids and have an entirely different experience.  We will leave you to your own devices if you like or we can help out with ideas and techniques if need be. We also love to see hen parties come and enjoy themselves, maybe making a gift for the bride and groom, and will provide glasses (albeit plastic!) for the obligatory booze.

 Wedding platter - plate with wedding recipe written on


As well as straightforward painting we can also help you to get the best possible soft clay baby prints made, glazed, framed and on your wall and the best bit is we’ll clear up the mess! You can choose from loads of colours allowing you to coordinate with the décor at home if you so wish.


Framed baby hand prints - Pottery Corner Beech Road Chorlton


Our newest offering is making beautiful fingerprints of your littl’uns in silver.  We can then fashion them into necklaces, charm bracelets, cufflinks for the dads or anything else you can think of. I made cufflinks for my other half for Christmas and he was really chuffed.

Speaking of dads, why not come along before Father’s Day and make a personalized gift for him? It sure beats a pair of socks or a bar of chocolate and best of all he won’t be expecting it. In case you haven’t had a chance to check it’s on June 17th this year so get yourself down to Pottery Corner and take care of it early, one less thing to worry about!


White paint with orange baby hand prints - Pottery Corner, Beech Road Chorlton

We look forward to welcoming you to Pottery Corner really soon.


Melony x


PS. Don’t forget our special 10% discount exclusively for 4Manchester Women readers!


Photographs: Pottery Corner and Alison Staples

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