Why exercising outside is good

Spring Clean Your Fitness Regime


Sara from Renaissance 4 Women is back on the blog again today, and this time she’s encouraging us to venture into the chilly Spring outdoors, because apparently it’s good for us!


Over to you Sara ……

Sara Perry Renaissance


It may still be chilly out there but rumour has it, that bright light in the sky above Manchester is in fact the sun!

And so, there’s no better time to get your trainers on and head outdoors to revitalise your exercise regime to help you get fit in time for Spring.

Now I can hear you screaming “You’ve already told us it’s chilly though Sara!”  But bear with me because that’s a key part of why you should do it now.




So why should you get outside and exercise now?


Worried face


1. The Double Whammy!


Sunlight helps to keep you alert and lift your mood. Exercise also helps to keep you alert and lift your mood. Therefore, exercising outdoors equals a super boost to your mind and mood.



2. Chillax


Exercising in the cold stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the nervous system responsible for relaxation and rejuvenation. Working out in the cold will help to release dopamine and serotonin – the brain chemicals we need to feel good and fight depression.



3. Learn to Endure


The added bonus of cold air when you’re working out hard is that it helps to strengthen your heart, lung and circulatory system function which in turn improves stamina and overall health.



4. Burn Baby Burn


When you’re cold your body uses more energy (calories) trying to keep itself warm. An outdoor workout means you’re boosting your fat loss efforts.



5. Work that Smug Grin


There’s no better feeling than having that rosy glow you get from a workout outside. You feel energised and virtuous and will be grinning from ear to ear.


If I’ve convinced you to give exercising outside a go, why not try these ideas to get you started:


Park It


Lots of local parks now have outdoor gyms (check out some of them here) they’re free to use and really good fun.

My top tip: Take a friend with you – it’s more fun if you do it together.





Run Forest Run


It’s easy, it’s free (well cheap – you do need decent shoes) and you can do it anywhere.  Running really is for everyone.


running group


There are a raft of couch to 5k programmes available (you can download one free from my website  renaissance4women.co.uk/couch-to-5k-the-easy-way) to help get you started, and loads of charity runs aimed particularly at women (Race For Life for starters) to give you a goal to work towards.

My top tip:  Regardless of how slow you think you’re running, slow down! The biggest mistake newbie runners make is going too fast. It’s not a race!


Garden Party


If you normally workout in your home, open the backdoor, step outside and do that same workout in the garden.  Simple as that!

My top tip: Need a workout idea?  Why not try this simple one:


The exercises:

1. 10 x Squats

2. 10 x Lunges

3. 10 x Lateral lunges

4. 10 x Star jumps


The format:

Set your timer for 10 minutes and try to complete as many rounds as possible of the above within the time.




Do you exercise outside? What do you do? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Sara x





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Contact: renaissance4women.co.uk/contact

Twitter: @Renaissance_4W




Photographs: Renaissance, Alison Staples

This is a sponsored blog post.



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3 thoughts on “Why exercising outside is good

    • Thanks for your comment Dolores. My husband does triathlons so he often jumps into cold water in a wet suit all year round. I hold his coat & take a thermos! I wish I was a bit braver! Good for you. Alison (Ed) x

  1. Ha well done to your husband Alison ! I keep thinking about joining the outdoor swimming club at Salford Quays but not got brave enough to do that just yet. The pool I swim in is a little heated,If I miss a few sessions like I did most of this winter I really feel the difference in my mood and in my energy. So give it a go folks !

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