Walking the Monton Loop Trail

Day tripper – railways, barges and lighthouses


We’ve been enjoying some really good weather recently – perfect for getting out and about exploring. Last week we decided to head out to Monton to try out the Monton and Roe Green Loopline Heritage Trail.

Salford City Council have put together a great little leaflet and map which gave us everything we needed – and quite a bit more! Download it here.


monton trail map


The Start


You can find detailed walk instructions in the Salford City Council leaflet (here) – but in brief, we started at Monton Church and headed down the disused Roe Green Loopline train track.


Monthon Church


Roe Green Loopline / Monton


Roe Green Loopline / Monton


Just beyond this tunnel a man with a dog ran down the bank, landing almost on top of us! It was Tyrone from Coronation Street! We all did that thing of smiling awkwardly and mumbling hello because we knew we knew him from somewhere. But by the time the penny dropped who he actually was, he was long gone. It was very exciting though!



The Middle


Despite having a map – we are a bit clueless so still got lost. But actually it worked out rather well, emerging at Old Warke Dam in Worsley which delivered a very well timed and rather splendid play park for the kids.


Worsley Woods


old warke dam worsley


old warke dam worsley


old warke dam worsley


The End


After filling the kids with sandwiches and mini scotch eggs we cut down through Worsley and joined back up with The Bridgewater Canal – passing bulrushes, herons and a pair of splendid stone lions along the way.


The Bridgewater Canal


We finally popped back out on Monton Green where we’d started around an hour and a half earlier, having walked just over two miles.

The little legs in our group managed really well (the youngest was almost 4 years old), and had we stuck to the map the route is supposed to be wheelchair accessible.

Our final treat was The Monton Lighthouse! We’d none of us heard of a major maritime incident in Monton, so it’s clearly doing it’s job!


Monton Lighthouse


We thoroughtly enjoyed exploring the Monton and Roe Green Loopline Trail – if you’ve not been yet it’s well worth a visit.




Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: Alison Staples



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