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It’s a summer Manc-ation! Holiday fun on our doorstep.


With the Summer holidays finally here and some sunshine to boot, we’re all looking for inspiration for great things to do – right here in MancLand.

This is the first in a new regular series where we explore Manc-ations (Mankini optional)!


Mancation Mersey



While there is no limit on distance, they will all be things and places that you could reasonably do as a day trip from Manchester.

I’m asking Manchester Women to be my eyes and ears.  If you’ve had a great day out (be it within Manchester or within a reasonable drive) then get in touch and write a guest blog, thinking in particular about:

  1. How you get there and what is the travel time?
  2. What there is to do?
  3. Where you can go to eat and drink?
  4. How child friendly is it?


To kick us off, I’ve travelled a whole mile from my front door – on the assumption that it’s all too easy to miss what’s right under our noses – and visited The River Mersey! Crossing from Trafford into Manchester.


m60 junction 6 map

I usually reach it from Junction 6 on the M60, then  just a couple of hundred meters along Rifle Road (taking care not to be run over by the construction wagons building the new Metro Link extension).

At the end of the road, and on the banks of the River Mersey is Jackson’s Boat Pub. There is a car park for patrons – alternatively you can park at the side of the road, or back in the Sale Waterpark car parks.


Jacksons Boat Sale M33

Jacksons Boat Sale M33


Jackson’s Boat serves food and has a huge beer garden at the back with a children’s play area – which makes it very popular with families and dog walkers.

Jackson’s Bridge crosses the river just next to Jackson’s Boat.  Facing the bridge but without crossing over, to the left you’ve got Sale Waterpark, with watersports, car parks, picnic areas, The Mersey Valley Visitor Centre, cafe and Deckers. Walk around the lake and you can find bird hides and all sorts of wildlife. The last time I was there, the lagoon at the back was completely full of Herons – my all-time favourite bird.


Jacksons Bridge Sale M33


Sun on the river mersey


Cross over Jackson’s bridge and walk along the river. To the right you’ve got Chorlton Waterpark which is smaller (no water sports) and has a children’s play area, picnic benches, nature areas and an intermittent mobile coffee bar.


Mersey Valley sign post

If you cross over Jackson’s Bridge and then walk straight ahead, you can walk over the flood meadows to Chorlton Green. Depending on your route, you can also pick up the Mersey Valley Health Walk and The Trans Pennine Trail.


Jacksons Bridge Mersey M33


Trans Pennine Trail


People use this fantastic green space for all kinds of recreation – walking, running, British Military Fitness, fishing, cycling etc. For the latter, if you don’t have your own bike – then you can hire one at the Bike Barn, which is just across the road from Jackson’s Boat.


Bike Barn Sale Jacksons Boat


Bike Barn Sale Jacksons Boat


Cyclist Mersey Valley


The photo’s for this blog were taken recently on a beautifully sunny morning. But don’t be put off if it rains. I’ve been down there in all weathers and I see something new and beautiful every single time. And come August – if you know where to look, there are masses of blackberry bushes!


mersey valley montage


Mersey valley


Mersey valley health walk


Mersey valley health walk 2


So get in touch, leave a comment and become a guest blogger – sharing your Manc-ation insider info for a great local day out (contact


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: Alison Staples

This is not a sponsored blog post.

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