Review Shortcuts

at The Contact Theatre


I’ve been reviewing again for The Good Review, a UK wide web site which reviews plays, dance, art and cinema the length and breadth of the land.

Shortcuts is part of ‘Queer Contact’ which celebrates LGBT History Month 2013.

It was made up of two different solo female performances.

5 stars


The first was Debs Gatenby’s – Hi Anxiety which I really loved and quite merrily give five stars to.

It’s a 30 minute country dance through depression – a beautifully observational portrayal of it’s effects, both personally and as a carer. And as with most things in life, humour lies in even the bleakest of situations.


Debs Gatenby’s – Hi Anxiety



The second was Cheryl Martin – My Foo-Foo Needs You which was a play in it’s very early stages. The performance was effectively a read through of the scrip to elicit audience feedback. It tackled coming out at 46, sex and the menopause!

You can read my full review of both performances on The Good Review here.

Shortcuts was performed at The Contact Theatre on Thursday 7th February.

Visit for further information.


Alison Staples x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photograph: The Contact Theatre

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