Get in shape in the New Year

Four minute work out – break the pattern, not the resolution!


Over done it a bit? Feeling like a sack of spuds? Me too!

Now that the turkey sandwiches and sherry trifle have settled, in that lull between Christmas and New Year, why not peel your bum off the sofa and have a crack at this.

We’ve got Sara Perry back on the blog from Renaissance4Women – she’s got the key to health, happiness and getting in shape in 2014. Don’t delay – start today!


Over to you Sara ……

Sara Perry Renaissance



Is one of your New Year resolutions to lose weight and/or get fit in the New Year?

Did you know that according to one study, three quarters of all British adults will have broken their health and fitness based New Year’s resolutions by 9th January?

For what it’s worth, my gut tells me that figure’s probably a bit low in reality!


And here’s why I think this is:

A New Year’s resolution is a great intention, but all too often it’s an ‘All or Nothing’ approach to the problem.

All of a sudden on January 1st you’re going to stop eating all of those foods you consider to be ‘bad’, you’re going to become intimately acquainted with the gym you’ve been avoiding ever since you learned what the word gym meant and your whole life is going to be transformed.

Welcome to January 3rd.

You’ve ‘survived’ for two days on a diet of lettuce leaves and cottage cheese and have done a spin class and some weights at the gym and now you hurt – in fact you hurt like h*ll!

Woman doing spin class


There’s no way you’re to the gym again today, in fact it’ll be amazing if you make it down the stairs because the legs you once owned have been replaced by 2 steel rods that refuse to bend.

You make it downstairs and into the kitchen but oh the pain!! 

You make yourself a cup of coffee and grab a biscuit or two, purely for medicinal reasons, before hobbling to the sofa where you spend most of the day resting. Salad just isn’t cutting it and your willpower is all but gone and before you know it you’re ordering a takeaway and telling yourself you’ll ‘start again’ on Monday!

Sound familiar?

Well why not break the pattern rather than the resolution and make 2014 the year when real change happens?

Why not start now? 

Why not make 29th December the first day of the rest of your life, by making a small but significant step towards sustained fat loss, health and fitness?


Today, I want you to make one healthy change.   


Yes, that’s right, only one.

Now, you can choose.

  • Stop drinking caffeinated drinks.
  • Remove processed foods from your diet.
  • Start drinking 2 litres of water every day.
  • Incorporate moderate exercise into your day.


Healthy lifestyle choices


This list isn’t definitive and I’m not going to prescribe – the key is, to choose one and stick to it! Stick to it for three or four days and then when you’re confident it’s a sustainable habit, add one more healthy habit from the list.

Before you know it you’ll be living a fit, healthy and happy 2014 – burning fat and fitting into those once oh so tight jeans!

Want some inspiration for a quick introduction to exercise.  Check out my video below for a four minute simple workout challenge.



Good luck and a very happy and healthy 2014!


Sara x




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