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I’m delighted to welcome a new regular guest blogger onto 4Manchester Women today. Chrissy Brand has her own daily blog called Mancunian Wave – a daily photo illustrating every day Manchester (Commended Best City & Neighbourhood Blog – 2012 Blog North Awards).

Chrissy will be bringing us monthly Sights and Sounds of Manchester, to inspire us to get out and explore what’s on our doorstep. This month it’s an Autumnal Lymm Dam.


Lymm Dam


Over to you Chrissy ……

 How Autumn leaves me mellow

Chrissy Brand


I’m delighted to be joining the 4 Manchester Women blog as a monthly guest blogger.

I look forward to sharing some of my favourite Manchester sights and sounds with you, both urban and rural.

With November bringing its dark evenings and ever shorter days, it makes sense to me to try and make the most of the daylight hours.


There is so much beautiful autumn colour still around, indeed it is peaking in places as I type. I’m not talking about the shop window displays of chunky knits and psychedelic prints but, of course, of the great outdoors.  Wherever you live in Manchester you are not far from splashes of autumn colours, nature’s way of shedding the old to make way for the new, and also of perking up the dullest days for us mere mortals.

So, step away from that DVD box set, get the children (of all ages) to put down their nunchucks, dig out the welly boots, hats and gloves, and go get some colour in your cheeks.

If you are a parent with toddlers, that familiar, oft dreaded, walk to the local park is a joy in autumn. With fallen leaves wet and dry to rustle through and falling leaves to try and catch, it’s so easy to release the inner child in all of us.

For a fuller autumn experience you could go a little further afield. It’s time to go leaf peeping at Lymm Dam.


Lymm Dam


Lymm Dam


Lymm itself is a charming village (or is it small town?) but either way the dam is its crowning glory for me. Work started on the dam nearly 200 years ago and these days the 17 acres are a haven to wildlife, from kingfishers to bats.

Over 12,000 trees of many varieties have been planted here in the past few decades by local schools. That’s what I call getting a good education!


Lymm Dam


Lymm Dam


Lymm Dam


Even the most recalcitrant walker can hopefully manage a simple circuit of the dam itself, and in my experience it still has some fabulous foliage even by the second weekend in November. In fact it’s autumn glory personified.

The woodland on the far side of the dam is known as The Bongs and is a nice little stroll too. Why is it called “the bongs”? It’s a medieval Cheshire phrase which is a corruption of the French for wooded banks- “le bancs.”


Lymm Dam


Other places on Manchester’s outskirts that I try and visit at this time of year include Lyme Park with its old lime trees, sycamores and ancient oaks.

Or a wander amongst the beeches at Tatton Park and around its two wonderful meres, surrounded by breath-taking autumn colour. You are sure to spot a herd or tree of deer as well.

Just being in the fresh air admiring the bright colours, even on a grey day, can lift the spirits no end. It’s a great experience for all the family. After a hearty walk and appreciation of the nature on our doorstep you can reward yourself with tea and flapjacks at a local café or restaurant.

For more information about Lymm Dam click here.


Chrissy x


Photographs: Chrissy Brand

This is not a sponsored blog post.

Chrissy writes her own daily photo blog – Mancunian Wave


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