Artist on a bike !

Introducing the fabulous Christine Evans.


I came across Christine though The Chorlton Arts Festival. ‘Artist on a Bike‘ sounded so intriguing that I had to find out more. I had visions of Claude Monet in bicycle clips wobbling along with an easel, paint brushes, palette and a string of onions announcing “ce qu’est une belle vue”. I don’t think this quite describes Christine – but hold that image!


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - mugs


I thought both Christine’s story and her art were so good, and so different that you might just love it as much as I do!


Over to you Christine ……

So, I ride a bike, what’s new about that? Well, every time (OK, most times) I have a ride, I do a drawing in my sketch book, and lo and behold this approach has developed my creative practice no end.

Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - on her bike!


I’ve been an artist for a while, but I got bitten by the bike bug in 2011.

I set a challenge to ride in The Manchester 100 Sportive ….a 100 mile road event in Cheshire….some feat given that I’d hardly ridden a bike in years. I began the training with a ride around the park to check the rusty old thing (the bike, not me) still worked!

And work it did. I went from mile to mile, and rode The Manchester 100 with a smile on my face for (almost) all of the 100 miles.

I continue to ride and train, now on a fancy road bike.


This year have already ridden in Majorca and will later ride in Scotland, Wales and the UK, including the Coast to Coast, and a leg of Land’s End to John O’Groats.

I’m part of TeamGlow a North West based Women’s Cycling Network ( and lead rides for them on the weekends. It’s a super friendly group, catering to all women, and all interests in cycling, from getting started and confident with riding to a Cheshire café, to training for Triathlons. All sorts, all welcome.

On my rides I see what appeals to my eyes, or, quite often, to my taste buds and these become the basis on the drawings. Cakes seem to feature quite a lot, which is great, because when you ride a bike, cakes have no calories. Not a lot of people know that!


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - cake

Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - hill

Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - cows


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - ice creams


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - gates


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - sign posts


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - bikes

I live in Chorlton, and often ride out into Cheshire, sometimes for the whole day, sometimes a quick and feisty early morning adventure out to Tatton Park starts my day.

I have a studio in Salford at Hot Bed Press, where I develop these drawings from my cycling diary into work for sale. I didn’t set out to sell work this way, I just found myself doing what I loved, and increasing interest has come from those that have seen my work and heard/read my story.


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - red shoes


Christine Evans - Artist on a Bike - in her studioChristine Evans - Artist on a Bike - in her studio














I also facilitate participatory creative group workshops in all sorts of places: schools, hospitals, galleries, and in the community, working with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and ages. I run sessions in textiles, drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and photography. I just love helping and inspiring folk to find their inner artist. We all have one!

So, if you see my on a ride, wave and say hi…..


Christine x


You can see more of Christine’s work by visiting her web site

Photographs & images: Christine Evans

This is not a sponsored blog post.





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