Ways to wear black this Christmas

With personal stylist and shopper Susan Styles You


Go on – put your hand up if your comfortable default for Christmas parties is black?

But depending on your colouring – there are different ways to wear black which will help you to rock the kazbar, rather than disappear into the background. 4Manchester Women advertiser Susan Baxter (Susan Styles You) is joining us today to give us a styling master class.


Little Black Dress sign


Over to you Susan ……

The Christmas Party season is upon us and we’re all frantically seeking out that special number for the Office do, girls night out, etc.

Are you automatically drawn to black each time?

Of course we all have a treasured LBD in our wardrobe that we turn to and know it’s always a sure fire winner.

Black is considered a safe colour, but it might give the impression that you lack imagination, especially at this time of year when there is so much colour around!

For greater impact, why not wear your LBD with another colour?

I strongly believe that it is not the colour you wear but the way you wear it that makes your outfit a success. If black is not the most flattering choice for you, wear it with accessories that will tone well with your natural colouring near your face such as jewellery or scarves to soften the look.

Also coloured faux fur is very on trend for this season. Try Zara or River Island – keep a look out when you are shopping!

Also, bear in mind that texture and weave will alter the way in which light is absorbed by fabric. Sheer and shiny fabric will sparkle and reflect light.




Scarves are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and are a foolproof ally to ensure black works for you, whatever your colouring. Choosing a scarf that complements your natural colouring will reflect onto your face, creating balance and harmony.




Jewellery is the perfect way to make your black outfit flattering. The light will reflect on metals and beads, giving a lift and bringing out your natural colouring.

Warmer skin tones are best in gold, rose gold, copper and bronze. Cooler skin tones are best in silver, platinum and pewter. And of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!




Many women make the mistake of wearing too strong a shade of blusher or lipstick when wearing black, especially in the evening.

Also, avoid the temptation to be over dramatic with your eye liner and eye shadow colours.

Finish the look with a fabulous nail polish in your colours.


Understand your colouring


With Colour Me Beautiful, we look at your dominant colouring – you will fall into one of six categories. Knowing your dominant colouring will help you choose your clothes and make-up easily and you will avoid mistakes. Here are some hints and tips on the best way to wear your LBD, whatever your colouring!




If you have light hair and light eyes like Cameron Diaz, look for a scarf in a primrose colour near your face and avoid teaming black with white. For jewellery, try some pearls.

This Oasis bandage dress contains Lycra – ideal for pulling you in if you have had too many mince pies!

Pewter or Light Grey are great alternatives to black for you.

How to wear black Light





If you have dark hair and dark eyes, black is fabulous on you. Wear it as much as you want!

Why not try ringing the changes with a pop of colour to make an impact? OK these shoes are a tad expensive but how gorgeous are they?

We all NEED a sequin heel at Christmas and this pair hits the spot and more.

The metallic navy and green sequins are displayed in a snake skin pattern and the heel is wrapped in satin. I have died and gone to heaven!


How to wear black Deep






For the titian ladies amongst us, like Lily Cole, black is not the most flattering colour, unfortunately.

Make sure you wear it with one of your best warm colours, such as coral near your face. This Stella & Dot Olivia Bib is perfect for anybody with a warm dominant.

I love this Coast dress with its sharp, asymmetric neckline and gorgeous ruching. It is beautifully tailored to sculpt the perfect hourglass silhouette.

Light Navy is sophisticated alternative to black for you.


How to wear black Warm





If, like Helen Mirren, you are blessed with dazzling silver coloured hair, black is a key colour in your palette but looks best contrasted with a lighter or brighter colour.

Alternatively, pile on the jewellery to create a light-reflecting effect around your neck and face. This fabulous Stella & Dot Metropolitan necklace is currently on sale so grab a bargain while you can.

This gorgeous dress screams Christmas as it is flecked with fabulous but subtle blue sparkles!


How to wear black Cool





If you have dark hair and bright eyes like Megan Fox, black and white is a stunning combination for you for any occasion.

For a stronger impact add a pop of colour with a bright red for example. This draped tunic from Ted Baker oozes sophistication. If you have perfect pins, this is the dress for you!

I love the way the accessories give a slightly oriental theme. The clutch bag is handmade from a 1920s vintage silk japanese kimono.


How to wear black Clear





If, like Kate Winslet, your overall look is muted and soft, always try to wear black away from your face and choose fabrics that are textured or soft to touch.

Details such as frills, velvet or chiffon trims will all help to soften the look.

This stunning special occasion dress from Alexon features a flattering velvet wrap top and figure hugging skirt. It is designed to nip you in at the waist and is a subtly seductive take on the classic LBD. The rose gold accessories all help to keep the look soft.

Chocolate or Charcoal are great alternatives to black for you.


How to wear black Soft


If you want to shop at Stella & Dot visit my on-line store here.

So there you have it – whether you plan to update you current LBD with a few sparkles, or you are going all out with a new outfit – happy shopping and enjoy the festivities!


Susan x



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Photographs: Susan Styles You via Polyvore, SCAD Museum of Art via Pinterest

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