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The best of the best 2013


I was beyond annoyed to miss The Best of Vintage Manchester 2013 Awards this week.

Husband Tris and I already had tickets to see The Feeling at The Academy. The first dance at our wedding was to I love it when you call  so skipping out was unfortunately non-negotiable. We did however do a pretty good job to of recreating some of our matrimonial moves on the dance floor!

But anyway missing Manchester’s most glamorous night of the year – Grrrrrrrrr!

Thankfully we had Victoria on hand with the perfect outfit to step glamorously unto the breach.


Over to you Victoria ……

Victoria Hepworth


Vintage lovers gathered in their hundreds last night for the glitz and glamour that was The Best of Vintage Manchester Awards 2013.

The event marked its second anniversary of this strictly Mancunian affair with a ‘Sixties Las Vegas’ theme, which was perfect for the new venue of Manchester 235 – the North’s answer to a Las Vegas casino.

The function room soon filled with guests dressed head to toe in their finest Vintage clobber.


For once it was socially acceptable to stare and admire not only the beautiful Sixties’ garments that were on display, but also the pure effort that had gone into everybody’s hair and makeup.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


After a windswept walk across Manchester resulting in lifeless locks, I can only say that I wish I had enlisted the assistance of Bethany Jane Davies – who just so happened to take the crown for Best Vintage Beauty and Grooming.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


It really was an event like no other, and it was like I had taken a step into a Tardis and rewound a few eras.

From the room decorations, to the choice of music which included classics such as Dream A Little Dream performed exquisitely by Miss Kiki deVille; all the way to Katy Perry’s Waking Up In Vegas, everything screamed Hollywood glamour.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


Credit must be given to event organisers Susan Earlam of Vintage Manchester and Rachael Adams from The Social Butterfly who both looked stunning and positively blooming in Susan’s case, with her baby being due in just two weeks’ time. Now that is commitment.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


I think my woozy head this morning speaks volumes about the hospitality!

Right from entering the door, we were presented with a (very large) glass of some unknown fluid. All the same, it was alcohol and it was yummy. After speaking to Dave, AKA The Drinks Enthusiast, I soon discovered that the drink was a splendid mix of Sprizatto (an Italian liqueur), gin, orange juice and soda water.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


We were served divine chocolate canapés from luxury chocolatiers Drop Dead Chocolates, which were presented to us by the lovely Laura who was dressed in an amazing Las Vegas showgirl outfit provided by the Royal Exchange Theatre.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


The star treatment continued as we were seated and presented with our own miniature boxes of the chocolates to enjoy while watching the show which started with a comedy bang as Kiki deVille did a brilliant job of calming the nerves of those who were nominated for awards.

In addition to Kiki’s fabulous hosting and performing, we were treated to acts by Suzie Sequin who teased guests with her Burlesque routine and Ginger La Rouge who showed us a use for a champagne glass that many have probably never even contemplated.


Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


The real purpose of the night, however, was the awards which marked the end of a brilliant night.


So without further ado, the winners were ……



Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 © Gareth Davies Photography


Best Vintage Fair - Vintage Village Stockport

 “This is quite something, two years running! Thank you so much for a fantastic event and for everyone who voted for us.”


Best Vintage Photography - HMS Vintage

“This is really important to me as we’ve won this within our first nine months of trading.”


Best Vintage Entertainment - Dr Sid


Best Vintage Beauty and GroomingBethany Jane Davies

“I just want to thank all of my wonderful clients. All of your creative spirit and imagination is inspirational.”


Best Vintage VenueSugar Junction


Best Vintage Event supplierVintage Afternoon Teas


Best Vintage Home and Furniture shopRose and Lee Vintage Living

“Two years in a row, thank you very much. The journey so far has been amazing. There are not a lot of things like this, so it is lovely!”


Best Vintage Attire – Miss Bamboo

“I’m so thrilled to be up here. We launched our website two years ago so what a great way to celebrate our anniversary. But the biggest thanks goes to Big Bamboo, who without, this would not be possible.”


Best Vintage Blogger -

“My periodical has only existed for just over a year so I do appreciate it.”


Best Vintage Newcomer - HMS Vintage

“I was not expecting that at all. To walk away with one is pretty amazing but two is bloody fantastic!”



Vintage Manchester Awards © Gareth Davies Photography


With the event organisers labelling this year’s awards as being an even bigger success than last year’s, we can only begin to imagine what will be in store for us next year.

Congratulations to all the winners and here’s to another year of thriving Vintage businesses.



4MCRWomen's Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 album on Photobucket

Victoria x


Photographs: Gareth Davies Photography, Victoria Hepworth



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