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I’m delighted to welcome one of our advertisers back onto the blog today. Wendy Smythe Dental Practice is a private dental practice in the heart of Hale village.

Last time she gave us some great tips for keeping our children’s teeth healthy. Today it’s all about getting a great natural smile without having to resort to extreme measures.


Over to you Wendy ……


Wendy Smythe


In this age of plastic surgery and artifice it’s easy to become used to media images of tiny Hollywood noses, paper white teeth and broad identical smiles.

When I watch television I am amazed by the rows of over whitened teeth, so obviously crowned and veneered to an appearance far away from anything nature may have intended.


I find the whole thing silly and very unattractive. Am I alone in mourning the loss Bowie’s irregular smile and Tom Jones’s important nose?

Too much perfection is very dull and rather odd to look at.

When we look in the mirror our teeth may look yellow, irregular and imperfect by comparison to media images.

The question to ask is, are we looking at teeth which are in reality very good, but which could be tweaked a little to give us what mother nature intended only a little better?

I believe that we often have what suits our faces and with a few tiny changes we can have something altogether more attractive and more perfect without resorting to cutting down the teeth and covering them with porcelain.




So where do we start?

Brilliant white teeth are a mistake but clean shiny teeth with healthy pink gums are just lovely to see.


Visit the hygenist

The first thing to do is to find a practice with a good hygienist and visit regularly to keep the stains off and the gums healthy.

Any dentist worth their salt will attend to this before even thinking about any cosmetic changes.


Next have a look at the symmetry.

A symmetrical set of teeth is very attractive and slight irregularities and chips can be changed quickly and easily by placing little composite additions to the teeth to fool the eye. These changes are inexpensive, reversible and best of all, don’t involve cutting into good teeth. The technique is called composite bonding and can be surprisingly effective.

The other little trick with symmetry is to check the gum line. Often a little adjustment of irregular gums can make for a much improved smile and can be done in minutes with electrosurgery. These changes are often enough to transform a less than perfect smile.


Repair and replace

There will always be a place for orthodontics, tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges and implants which will achieve more dramatic changes. These are wonderful to move teeth around or to repair and replace damaged teeth and can look perfectly natural when they are carefully done.


Discuss it with your dentist

The key is to find a dentist who will discuss it all with you and make sure that you feel your needs have been understood and the options explained.

As with most things in life, good communication gives good results. Dentists enjoy getting their patients involved with planning their treatment so find a dentist you get on with, ask lots of questions and get the smile you really want.


Wendy x



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