Review – Triumph Magic Wire Bra

Comfortable, supportive, pretty and with added benefits for breast cancer patients


I don’t generally do product reviews. However as someone who has never been properly measured for a bra, the lure of a comfortably fitting bra without an annoying wire spiking me in the ribs / arm pit, was like dangling lingerie nirvana in front of me


Magic Wire Bra


Triumph Magic Wire Bra


According to Jenny who fitted me in the lingerie department of House of Fraser (Deansgate), the Magic Wire is the most innovative thing to hit bras in a very long time.

Put simply, the often offending under wire has been replaced with a clever piece of silicone. Coupled with a side support it provides the lift of an under wire bra with the comfort of a wire free bra.


Triumph Magic Bra

(Clearly this is me in the picture …….. I wish!)


Solving one of life’s little niggles




Comfortable support for breast cancer patients


My conversation with Jenny also revealed just how appropriate the Magic Wire Bra is for those who have undergone breast cancer surgery. There are no wires digging into reconstruction scars and the padding evens out any non-uniformity.



Very, very pretty


Triumph Magic Wire Bra

A comfortable bra which is feminine and pretty means that Triumph Magic Wire bras have been flying off the shelves.

These glamorous designs come in at £36.00 for the bra and, £22.00 – £35.00 for the matching knickers.

Those with bigger breasts can also experience the no-wire feeling, as they are available in sizes A-F.

Oh and for the record – it turns out I’m actually an E-cup, rather than a D.

Who knew!


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: Triumph








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