Lady Nom’s Supper Club

A magical birthday menu and evening of Lewis Carroll inspired culinary delights


Lady Nom (or Lex) runs supper clubs along with her web site which is all about food! Bringing a creative twist to everyday cooking!

To celebrate her first birthday (9th March 2013) she teamed up with Ernst Van Zyl of Etrop Grange in Hale Barns to create a truly magical menu and evening of Lewis Carroll inspired culinary delights.

“All I will say is use your imagination, and then add a bit more. So, without further a-do; le menu!”



Unbirthday Supper Club Menu

~ Aperitif ~

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Hot & Cold Tea

~ 1st Course ~

“But if I am not the same, the next question is, ‘who in the world am I?’ – Ah that is a great puzzle.”


~ 2nd Course ~

“Beautiful Soup, so rich and green, Waiting in a hot tureen!

Who for such dainties would not stoop?

Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!”


~ 3rd Course ~

“One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter”

“One side of what?”


~ Dessert ~





When Lex invited 4Manchester Women along, there was only one (wo)man for the job! Simon Bowers!


Over to you Simon(e) ……

Simon Bowers


The wonderfully named Lady Nom has been holding supper clubs for a whole year now. So when it came to her anniversary she celebrated in style!

As we waited for the event to start, the chat lively and varied, as we all looked forward to an exciting night of almost unknown dishes!

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was of course in evidence throughout the evening.

With placemats created from original artwork from the stories, we were treated to homemade lemonade labelled ‘Drink Me’ and the crockery was beautifully dainty and Mad Hatter-esque.


Alice in Wonderland Placemat


We were treated to a fantastic and exciting five course menu – some straight from the tales of Lewis Carroll himself – starting with an aperitif of hot and cold tea; full of both peppermint and Earl Grey flavours, giving exactly what it said! When you drank it you could taste both hot and cold in your mouth!


My three favourite courses were all fantastic!


The first course was cubed tender fillet of beef with turnip, swede and an incredible beef consommé served in a pretty little teacup. The ‘tea’ was served by Lex herself from an equally pretty teapot and there was more than enough to have a refill!

The third course was a play on Alice’s ‘Eat Me’ story. Chicken ballotine stuffed with wild chestnut mushrooms and garlic, served with crispy roast potatoes, celeriac puree and dehydrated mushrooms which grew as you ate them!

The chicken was beautifully cooked, and everybody adored the celeriac puree – a fantastic dish perfectly created and full of flavour.

However, my favourite dish of the night – surprising for me – was dessert!

A dark chocolate ball filled with cherry sorbet sat in a bed of gingerbread crumb. Lex poured hot custard over the ball to let it melt and then we were left to enjoy this fantastic flavour match. The bitterness of the dark chocolate along with the tang of the sorbet was heaven! The ginger crumb gave it weight and created a gorgeous dish in our bowl.

All Lex’s own creation!


Alice in Wonderland meal


After the meal, Lex was happy to sit with us, indulge in more wine and even conjured up a cheeseboard.

She talked about how the menu had been created by her and Ernst from Etrop Grange.

I for one cannot wait to try some more of her cooking. Lex’s enthusiasm was infectious as she talked about her plans for a new website and other events – she’s one busy lady!

Supper clubs are a really special way to spend an evening -  intimate surrounds, trying new foods and making new friends.

This event didn’t disappoint. I have the feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of Lady Nom!


Web site:


Twitter: @LadyNom1


Simon ;-)


Simon writes his own fashion blog Luv4Fashion

Photographs: Simon Bowers, Alison Staples

This is not a sponsored blog post.







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