Glamorous funky festival wellies

 Welly wangingtastic!


I’m hoping that if I publish a blog on wonderful funky wellies, that it will be an omen and drive the black rain clouds away. For muddy festivals, waterlogged camp sites or sploshy walks, these gorgeous galoshes will hopefully inspire you to brave the weather and make the most of the British Summer.


Funky glamorous festival wellies


  1. Ilove-ShoesUK on Ebay £9.99
  2. Funky Wellington Boots. Rainbow wellies £32
  3. Union Jack Wellies. Strawberry chic on Ebay.
  4. One Stop Festival Skull Wellies £18.99
  5. Wedge Wellies crock skin man eater £40
  6. Kiera flat festival wellies – Passion £19.95
  7. Jiglz Jelly People wellies £15
  8. Poppy wellies. Funky Wellington Boots (currently not in stock). £29.99
  9. Wedge Wellies standard. Miss Starry Eyed. £30
  10. One Stop Festival pink converse style wellies £19.99
  11. Wellibobs green ducks £19.95
  12. Joules red stripe. £36.95


If you think my choice of funky wellies is a bit pants, then put a link in the comments box below and I’ll do another selection of your favourites.

Wet Summer? What wet Summer!

Jump in a big puddle for me!


Alison x  (your 4Manchester Women Editor)


Photographs: As described above.

This is not a sponsored  blog post.




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