Fashion vs Style

How to achieve timeless style that’s bang up to date.


Sitting here in my fit flops, I’d say I’m currently achieving none of the above. Which is partly why I don’t do video blogs!

However, when it comes to style, I’ve found someone who really knows her onions. Chloe Curry from White Room Bridal stocks the most exquisite collection of designers. There are few people better placed to share their wisdom.


Jenny Packham wedding dress & Kate Duchess of Cambridge teal


High fashion and bridal walk hand in hand, as illustrated beautifully by this divine Jenny Packham teal evening dress worn by The Duchess of Cambridge – the wedding dress version beneath stocked by Chloe at White Room Bridal


Over to you Chloe ……

small chloe


Someone once said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”.

Which is one thing us women should always remember when we step in to a shopping centre armed with this month’s pay packet and dreams of walking out several hours later resembling a cross between Kate Moss and Pippa Middleton (without the great arse and rock and roll husband).


We go in clued up, believing we know what we want, searching for great style and confident we can pull off the latest trends then wonder why we leave with a Krispy Kreme donut and a 3 for 2 cosmetic deal from Boots hours later… We try to create style with the latest fashion in the shops and it isn’t achievable.

Let me explain why…

Fashion is fun.

It is about taking risks and dressing up for you, no-one else. It has a (limited) time span and comes on to the high street heavily influenced by who Anna Wintour has put on the cover of Vogue or which crazy designer thought pink and orange would look great on a red head (note… it does not!).

Fashion is transferable, it’s disposable and it will always be the source of fun, which when we look back at the photo’s, will make us question why on earth leg warmers, sweat bands & perms were acceptable… although in 1985, everyone was doing it!


1980's fashion



Fashion is something we all like to play about with, it can be fun, bold and creative but then again, it can be frustrating, disheartening and downright embarrassing when it goes wrong.


Which brings me on to style…


Audrey Hepburn in the classic little black dress


Style doesn’t fade; it doesn’t date and should be something we aspire to have and radiate. Something that doesn’t need a crash diet or size 8 boob-less frame to wear! Style is timeless, it is classic and will always be the one thing you can reach for again and again to feel fabulous, successful and confident.

Style comes at a price, it isn’t disposable like fashion but they will always be the things you rely on when you need them. The key items in our wardrobe – the classic trench, the white t-shirt (that hasn’t turned grey in the wash), the Jimmy Choo’s you bought with the bonus (when you weren’t spending the money on mortgage/kids/childminder/dog) and wear to every “I need to feel fabulous event”. The LBD, the great pair of pumps that look fab with jeans and a skirt… Remember when you spent £400 on that coat in 2008 and it was an ‘extravagance’ yet four years later it’s the first thing you go for when winter kicks in… That is what we invest in.

So, yes, its fine to play about with fashion, but just remember, that will change in 6 months and the LBD you rely on so much, won’t!


So, for 2012 fashion play about with:


Red – as seen on Mui Mui and Mulberry (and quite a lot in Reiss and Hobbs for us none millionaires).


Red dress on catwalk


Be as bold or subtle as you like. Brave – red dress (above the knee or cleavage, never both) or demure – red silk scarf to pair with the black trouser suit or jeans and white shirt for the classic look.


Red 2012 mood board


Timeless Style Red White Blue



Oversize hats . Some of the best fashion trends are not born of the catwalk; instead, our favourite celebs on the streets champion an accessory that sets the Western world alight. Cue the oversized trilby, the 70s floppy hat and the off-beat boater. Brave – whilst doing the food shop, demure – on the beach.

Mixing & Matching Print Combinations. When it comes to mixing prints in 2012, the rules are that there are no rules, however refer back to style above! Mixing prints is fun but you may well regret this in 5 years time! Bold – floral and aztec, demure – floral blouse with a bunch of flowers in hand on way back from the supermarket!

Pastel Mixes. Just think old school ice cream parlour to research this colour palette. From Mulberry to Louis Vuitton, the look was all about layering pastel shades together and making oneself look like a very fabulous sundae – sans the cherry on top. Brave – pink, blue and green in one outfit. Demure – new pastel pumps to wear with the staple jeans and cream jacket – pale green or pink every time (nude isn’t pastel!)


Pastel outfits


Kate Moss


Gold – albeit trying not to look like a Jimmy Saville this can be a very striking look. Brave – gold fitted dress with black accessories. Demure – black dress and gold accessories!


So, again – just to re-itterate, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. Remember that when you next hit the high street!


Chloe x


Photographs: White Room Bridal

This is not a sponsored blog post.




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