Cocktails at The Whim Wham Café

Fabulous and wonderfully vintage gin saloon


Keeley Watts


Our #MCRCocktailGirl Keeley is relentless when it comes to checking out Manchester’s cocktail bars. She’s got a list and she’s working through it!

On route she’s issuing the bars of Greater Manchester a challenge! To create a cocktail which embodies Manchester woman in a glass.


It’s that simple!


Over to you Keeley ……

The Whim Wham Cafe is an epicurean eatery and vintage gin saloon underneath the arches!

Address: Arch 64, Whitworth Street West, Manchester City Centre, M1 5WQ

Visited: Visited 8.00pm, Thursday 20th June 2013.


whim wham Cafe



Bar description and ambiance


The Whim Wham Café is like no place you will have seen before.

Branded as a gin saloon this place is vintage at its best, located in one of Whitworth Street’s railway arches which were built in 1849. The décor is vintage inspired with a relaxed atmosphere playing jazz, swing and blues music – you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back in time.


Whim Wham Cafe


Whim Wham Cafe





Alix owns the Café with his wife Jessie. Together wanted to bring affordable luxury to the people of Manchester.

Inspired by the quirky little cafes outside Paris, Alix wanted to combine this with the best local produce the North West has to offer.

Prior to owning Whim Wham Café Alix dj-ed club nights, travelled and ran vintage nights as The Whim Wham Club. He provides a swanky bar with top quality service at an affordable price.


Alix Whim Wham Cafe
You will find jazz and cabaret nights at the Café as well as gourmet Wednesdays. They also have events in the pipeline such as a vintage emporium and gindependence day on 4th July.





The cocktail menu, just like the café, is vintage inspired and heavily gin based. Even if you’re not the biggest gin fan there will be something you will enjoy on this menu.


Cocktails at Whim Wham Cafe


Prefer a long drink? Try the Black & Blue.

More of a martini fan? Try the African Sky!

This was their cocktail at Cocktails in the City and helped them walk away with the coveted title of Best Bar on the night!



Signature drink


Alix made us a Jealous Frenzy which, was named by a popular Manchester blogger when he was stumped for a suitable name!

Recipe: Saffron gin, chilli gin tincture, muddled apple, elderflower cordial and xanthe cognac are mixed beautifully together giving a wonderfully different taste.

The apple gives this the sweetness it needs with the lovely subtle kick coming from the chilli gin tincture.


Gin cocktail



Manchester Women in a glass cocktail challenge


Alix grew up in Manchester so knows Manchester women. His cocktail starts with bloom gin which is the only gin made by women.

He took inspiration from an English country garden and this gin does have a lovely floral nose.

Plum sake is added (we can be sarcastic, humorous and sweet) and vimto (a favourite among Manchester women in Alix’s experience) with lemon to tone down the sweetness served in a ½ pint tankard for a feminine but quirky touch.

Very different to most of the other offerings but this is delightful and the sweetness is beautifully matched with the floral tones from the gin.

Fabulous and wonderfully vintage.


Gin cocktail






The Whim Wham Café, Arch 64, Whitworth Street West, Manchester City Centre, M1 5WQ

Tel: 0161 236 0930




Twitter: @TheWhimWhamCafe


Keeley x  (#MCRCocktailGirl)


Photographs: Narita Savoor Photography, Mike Warren

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