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4Manchester Women would be a cold and lonely place without our regular guest bloggers – each bringing a special interest and a different angle on Manchester life. In addition to my (Alison) editorial ramblings, here is our team of Manchester Women.


Alison Staples head shot.


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25% Hotty, 10% (God) Mummy, 25% Homey, 40% Lively.



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Eve with her two children (boy 4 & girl 2) - face on shot.


Eve (Worsley)

I run my baby boutique, Baba+Boo, which sells cloth nappies and other lovely baby bits. I am also being a stay at home mum to a 4 and 2 year old. I mostly look like a headless chicken on wheels trying to juggle it all but I find wine helps, a lot.



100% mummy who definitely used to be more lively (and maybe a bit hot) before the ankle-biters came along.

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Alice B&W drinking cup of tea.


Alice (Altrincham)

Super busy Mum of four firmly believes the way to survive the day is overflowing teapots and home baked cakes. Days are spent knee deep in bottles and playgroups – lunch time naps and evenings baking. Major passion for vintage china. I love it all so much I recently set up a business to share the joy with other tea, cake and vintage lovers – Alice’s Vintage Pantry.



50% Mummy,  50% Homey (though I’ve seen pictures of her in a Micheal Jackson wig and pink leg warmers, so I suspect there’s a lively hotty in there somewhere! – Ed.)

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Elaine (Tameside)

Lover of food, wine and baking. Studied Hotel & Catering Management and have been working in hospitality industry for 14 years. Springboard Ambassador promoting hospitality careers to schools and long term unemployed. Massive Rugby League and Liverpool football fan and avid reader of books.



50% Homey, 30% Lively, 20% Hotty, 0% Mummy (but a devoted auntie)

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Natalie Vincent


Natalie (Altrincham)

I love to travel on the cheap, so you will generally find me wondering around an ancient city or curled up researching my next trip.

My ramblings are also published over at Watch My Wallet, a website dedicated to saving you money on everything from your weekly food shop to romantic trips away.



50% Lively, 50% Homey

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Keeley (Stockport)

When not managing people in a contact centre I am trying to manage my manic life full of diet, fitness, cocktails and good food. I love to try new things and am a real challenge setter. I find it is the best way to stay motivated and love to test a theory.

Keeley has her own blog phatcupcake.wordpress.com


40% Hotty, 20% Homey, 40% Lively

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Victoria (Burnley)

Fashion loving Journalism student with the ambition to work for a lifestyle magazine. I’m not a mother (not for a long time), but I like to think my King Charles Spaniel, Ruby, is my baby and I am guilty of spoiling her a little too much.




30% Lively, 40% Homey, 30% Hotty

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Hannah Wells


Hannah (Chorlton-Cum-Hardy)

As a freelance childrenswear designer and owner of My Craftea Day I’m always on the go! I love seeing new trends emerge and the sewing / craft / handmade phenomenon is no exception – it just continues to get bigger! I also love walking my dog Jasper with my husband and as we’ve recently relocated back up north to Chorlton I’m loving exploring a new town and city!


20% Hotty, 0% Human Mummy, (50% Doggy Mummy!), 30% Homey, 50% Lively

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Lorna McBride


Lorna (Didsbury)

I like nothing better than a bit of culture – you’ll find me in galleries or at the theatre.

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Belinda Hayes


Belinda (Sale)

Appointed as a local authority parenting expert, I now run TLS Parenting. A mum of three myself I’ll be sharing some top tips and discussing hot parenting topics.

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Sarah Foulkes


Sarah (Prestwich)

Fashion, sewing obsessed tv production bod turned PR. Love art galleries, museums, stuffing my face with tasty nosh and searching for 1930s furniture for the house I’m still doing up.

My usual habitats are fabric and art shops where I can be found trying to transform myself into a Mancunian cross between Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stefani.

The products of my diseased mind can also be found at thethreadbarefashionista.wordpress.com

50% Homey, 50% Lively

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