Become a guest blogger

We are currently trying to expand our pool of guest bloggers, and would love to hear from you if you think you would be able to help us.


If you can write about something in a way which others might like to read, we would love to hear from you. In order to appeal to Manchester women we need to be able to attract a range of writers from different areas with a range of different interests.

We are looking for glass half full people with an aptitude for creative writing.

Our core values & tone are as follows – guest blogs are expected to reflect these:

  • Well written intelligent articles.
  • Positive – living life to the full while not preaching or making people feel guilty.
  • Real women, real lives.
  • People driven – by its readers for its readers.
  • Observational, topical and humorous with hutzpah.
  • Able to have a laugh at its own expense.
  • Able to both entertain and provide practical ideas and help.
  • Is an advocate for the local area and bangs the drum for Manchester.
  • Doesn’t intentionally set out to hurt or offend.
  • Doesn’t shrink from having an opinion.
  • Good photos which illustrate the article and capture the moment.
  • Creates a friendly community.
  • Supports local independent traders.
  • Has one editor and has integrity.

It would be great to see an example of your work demonstrating any experience you might have had.

However, this is an opportunity for new writers as well, so please do not think you won’t be considered if you don’t have a glittering history of blogging or reviewing. This is an unpaid opportunity to see some of your work published.

Download our Submissions Policy for 4Manchester Women for further information and if you’d like to guest blog for us, fill in the form at the bottom and attach it to your email

Please note, if you want to guest blog about a business then that comes under advertising. We have very reasonable rates and it’s a great way of getting your business in front of Manchester women (click here for information on advertising).







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